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Quick rules of the road check

1. Roads of equal importance,who has right of way ?

2. What does a flashing amber light mean ?

3. When must you drive with dipped head lights?

4. At roundabouts who must you give right of way to ?

5. What are the hand signals ?

6. What is a contra flow bus lane?

7. When can you enter a yellow box ?

8. What does a singal yellow line mean ?

9. If blinded by an on coming car,what would you do ?

10. What does zig-zag lines mean ?

11. When can you overtake on the left hand side ?

12. What is the minimum thread depth on a tyre?

13. When should you use your hazard lights ?

14. What does an amber light mean ?

15. What is aqua-planing ?

16. What is the national speed limit ?
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