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What is the Purpose of Your Driving Test?

The driving test is designed to establish whether you:
know the Rules of the Road;
have the knowledge and skill to drive competently in accordance with those rules;
drive with due regard for the safety and convenience of other road users.

Preparing for Your Driving Test

Before the test you You should:

  • Check your licence is for the correct category, in date and will be for your test.
  • Check that your insurance disc has correct reg. no shown and is in date.
  • Check your NCT disc is in date (all cars registered from 2001 and before)

  • Check all lights (ie indicator & brake) are working and are the correct colour
  • Study carefully the Rules of the Road booklet

  • Practice driving as much as possible on all types of road and in all types of traffic situations, including driving at night

  • Build up your driving experience and confidence before applying for your test

Special Circumstances

To avoid delay on the day of your test you should notify the Driver Testing Section in advance if you:
  • Have a severe hearing problem
  • Are restricted in your movements or have any disability which could affect your driving

  • Drive an adapted vehicle

If you cannot speak English or are deaf, you are permitted to have an interpreter with you. This person must not be your driving instructor, and may not accompany you on the practical test.

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